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    Founder and CEO, Mind Brain Institute

    Dr. Anuranjan Bist

    Dr. Anuranjan Bist is a USA based Board-Certified. Psychiatrist and Master Yoga teacher with decades of expertise in unraveling the mysteries of the human mind. Being dual trained in Western medicine and Ancient Wisdom of Yoga has given Dr Bist a very unique perspective of Human Psychology.

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    About Mindbrain

    Dr Anuranjan Bist is a pioneer in bringing the groundbreaking treatments of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Ketamine Therapy (Psychedelic Assisted Therapy) to India. In his 20 years of psychiatric practice, he realized the limitations of conventional medicines and therefore adopted these latest modalities to help patients recover quickly and stay healthy long term. After creating a successful psychiatric practice in the US where he has treated hundreds of patients using TMS and Ketamine Therapy, he brings that expertise to India as a way to give back to his home country

    What is Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT)?

    Ketamine Therapy is used to treat various mental health disorders. It works on multiple levels, on a chemical level, it works on glutamate and helps form new neuronal connections in the brain. Ketamine also works as a psychedelic where during the treatment, you will experience a deep sense of connection with your inner self, and you will be able to visualise and bring out the root cause of your problems planted in your subconscious mind.

    You will feel dissociated with your negative state of thinking and be able to analyse your past. Unlike conventional medicines, which use a masking response, KAT induces psychedelic experiences that lets you connect with your past experiences, analyse them and transcend them so they do not affect you in the future.

    What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treatment?

    TMS is a non-invasive treatment for Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD and other mental health disorders. It is recommended for patients who want a non-medicinal treatment and does not have side effects.

    TMS delivers magnetic pulses to the specific region of your brain responsible for mood regulation. The strength of these pulses is similar to those used in MRI scans and are delivered in 10-second intervals. They produce a gentle tapping sensation on the scalp, without any physical contact with the skin.

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