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The revolutionary new treatment for mental health being used at Harvard, Standford, Mayo Clinic and other leading hospitals in USA now in India.

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Mind Brain Institute is one of the best mental health clinics that provide TMS therapy solutions for treating a wide range of mental problems. The clinic’s TMS therapy is a highly-effective solution for all forms of anxiety, depression, and many others.

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We are a USA based healthcare organization which has extensive expertise and experience in treating conditions using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. TMS is a revolutionary treatment which has helped millions of patients worldwide, return to a normal life.

Depression Treatment

What is Depression? If you are experiencing some of the following symptoms then you might have Depression Persistent low mood; feelings of sadness, hopelessness, emptiness

Anxiety Treatment

What is Anxiety You may have anxiety if you experienced any of the following symptoms- Excess Worry Difficulty in controlling the worrying thoughts Restlessness or

OCD Treatment

People with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are likely to experience unrealistic obsessions and compulsions that may adversely affect their overall quality of living. If you’ve been

Smoking Cessation Treatment

Signs You May Be obsessive to Smoking If you’ve been smoking for a long time, you’re almost certainly Dependent, but dependency can affect newer smokers

Mindbrain TMS

"Mind Brain Institute introduces TMS, an effective, USA FDA approved, non-medication treatment to help you with your Depression, Anxiety and other Mood Disorders. Try the therapy that heals, live the life you want."

What is TMS ?

TMS stands for “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.” TMS Treatment is a medical procedure. A TMS treatment session is conducted using a device called the TMS Treatment System, which provides electrical energy to a “treatment coil” or magnet that delivers pulsed magnetic fields. These magnetic fields are the same type and strength as those used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. The magnetic pulses generate a weak electrical current in the brain that briefly activates neural circuits at the site of stimulation.

Any medicine need to eat?

TMS treatment is a non medication treatment. we do not prescribe medicine. We treat Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Smoking Cessation<./p>



The neurosurgery department of our Mind Brain TMS Institute has created a fine record of treating the most complicated disorders of nervous system without any complications and risks. The branch of neurosurgery is related to the checkup and cure of those diseases that are seen in the nervous system. Doctors of our neurosurgery department also treat and cure all disorders of the brain, spinal cord and the cranial system. Our doctors know what you need when you approach them to get cured of nervous system disorders. When you come to us as a patient of neurosurgery our doctors do the correct dialysis of your disease and then they decide what surgical procedure will be good for you.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment In today’s life it is very normal to be anxious about things like moving to any new place, beginning the new job, going alone or taking some test and this sort of anxiety is very unpleasant, however, at the same time it motivates you to work harder & perform better. It is a kind of anxiety which comes & go and doesn’t really interfere your daily routine.

But the other form of anxiety that may force you to stop working or doing things that you really enjoy. In the extreme cases, this can prevent your entry into the elevator, leaving your house, crossing the street etc. and if left untreated, it can become worse.

Smoking cessation treatment: today or never

Smoking treatment, Smoking cessation is the way toward stopping smoking. Since smoking causes both compound and mental reliance, methodologies for Smoking cessation regularly plan to ease actual indications and foster strategies to control the longing to smoke in circumstances where one may ordinarily smoke. The individuals who wish to stop smoking may think that it’s supportive of addressing a specialist.Signs You May Be Addicted to Smoking If you’ve been smoking for a long time, you’re almost certainly addicted, but addiction can affect newer smokers as well. If the following applies to you, it may be time to quit for good.

Depression Treatment

Are you suffering from chronic-depression, and always up-to antidepressant pills & psychotherapy sessions on regular basis? A report shows that around 50 million plus people are suffering from depression problems across the country. This word is so common nowadays and mainly used to describe anything related to a bad day to the overwhelming inability to perfectly live your life. However, it is much more than a single word for the individuals who are suffering from depression issues. Over the period of time it takes your life to a point in which you forget how exactly it all began. People always give advice in terms of sharing individual’s feelings, not taking so much pressure and taking the life as the way it should be, but in reality it is something bigger and taking best therapy for depression becomes much more needful. Depression can hugely afflict greater number of adolescents, some middle-aged groups as well as to the elderly persons whether they are men or women in India. A large group of people who are facing depression issues are in a need of better, effective treatment and they are unable to get the best treatment for anxiety and depression with proper care due to non-availability to perfect quality of treatment. Other reasons like non-availability, discrimination, lower level of awareness, prevailing stigma etc. are also troubling the patients.

Give your life a new way with advanced TMS OCD & depression treatment

With the changing lifestyle of people, many are facing mental disorders. Some are suffering from OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) while some are diagnosed with depression. It is said that a person who is having OCD has more possibility of having other mental issues or disorders. Depression is also one of them. Normally a person suffering from OCD may also suffer from depression. But both the disorders are different from each other. People ignore to have OCD and depression treatment, but this can be very harmful as it may increase the level of distress and anxiety. It is always good to take the treatment in time and break the cycle of OCD. Therapy and medication are some of the common way of treatment. But any gaps in medication can affect the progress of the recovery in case of OCD. It is necessary to focus on the treatment of depression. If the symptoms of depression are treated well, OCD can be taken next.

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