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ENT Treatment


ENT Treatment

Specialist Doctor Nayeem Ahmad Siddiqui

We perform endoscopic surgery, including micro ear surgery, micro laryngeal surgery where we offer high-quality patient care.

We deal with all aspects of ENT care from minor procedures to major surgical interventions too.
  • We treat all ENT, vertigo and voice problems. This includes endoscopic examinations.
  • Microscopic ear surgeries, from ear drum repair to cochlear implants.
  • Endoscopic nasal and sinus surgeries.
  • Endoscopic skull base surgeries.
  • Transnasal surgery for brain tumours such as pituitary adenomas, chordomas, meningiomas.
  • All throat including tonsillitis and adenoid. Sugar check for oral malignancies.
  • Microscopic laryngeal surgery for voice disorders.
Cochlear Implant Surgery

A cochlear implant is an electronic device that is implanted surgically to people who have sensorineural hearing loss. It aims to provide a modified sense of sound. Unlike hearing aids that are used as an amplifier of the sound whereas CI bypasses the normal acoustic.

Nose Surgery

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is one of the most practiced ways to treat sinus infections all over the world. It is a surgical procedure where the Ent surgeon uses a magnifying endoscope to see and remove the infected tissue and bone.

Throat Surgery.

It is the surgical removal of adenoid glands because they have become swollen or enlarged from their usual shape. Adenoid glands are located inside the mouth that helps to protect the body from viruses and bacteria. The surgery is generally performed in children whose adenoid gland is much larger and active than it is in adults.


It is a procedure performed to improve the voice by changing the thyroid cartilage of the larynx which is known as the voice box. The surgery involves medialization, shortening, lateralization, and lengthening of vocal folds.

Our Best Services Included

  • Cochlear Implant Surgery
  • ENT Daycare Surgery
  • Nose Surgery
  • Complete Audiology ,Tinnitus Screening and Vertigo Screening under one roof
  • Micro-Ear Surgery
  • Throat Surgery
  • Head & Neck Onco Surgery
  • Thyroplasty.

Dr. Nayeem did his M.B.B.S from the Magadh University of Bodh Gaya, Bihar, in 2001, followed by a practicing internship of a year. In 2003, he completed a Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology at the Patna Medical College & Hospitals. He also bagged the Diplomate of National Board (DNB), a medical qualification awarded by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) in the year 2003.

Then, Dr. Nayeem Ahmad Siddiqui worked as a Senior Resident Doctor at Vimhans, Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi. With his excellent diagnosis in the profession, he was allowed to be a Junior Consultant for E.N.T surgeries in 2010. Later, He was the H.O.D of E.N.T at Metro Hospital Faridabad for five years since 2011. And proactively consulting at the Apollo Spectra Hospitals as a Senior Consultant later for the next five years. He undertakes the full range of ear, nose, and throat conditions but has a special interest in ear and hearing problems in adults and children, especially chronic ear disease. For Appointment with Dr. Nayeem Ahmad Siqqique in Mind Brain TMS Centre , Call us at +91-9971774999.

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