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Neurologists in Delhi

Neurology Department & Treatment


1) Neurology Department.

Neurology is that active branch of medical science that deals with the study of functions and diseases related to the nerves as well as the nervous system. You might know the nervous system is the main communication backbone of human body. If it functions well then your body also follows the instructions given by your brain. For this reason it is essential for you to keep your neurology or nervous system in proper order. A neurologist is a medical expert that treats and cures all diseases related to your nervous system. He also checks and cures all disorders related to your spinal cord and brain. Our neurology department offers you the above mentioned services through our experienced surgeons. They treat you well with the best medical ambience at a fair cost budget.

Following  problems  we treat

Epilepsy Treatment
Seizure treatment
fits treatment
Migraine Treatment
Cluster Headache
Stroke Treatment
ALS Treatment
Alzheimer Treatment
Parkinson Treatment
Dementia Symptoms

People who are having problems with their senses, such as touch, vision, or smell, may also need to consult with best neurologist doctors, as these problems with senses are sometimes caused by nervous system disorders. Dr. Sweety Trivedi, M.D. Internal Medicine, DM Neurology is a neurologist Consultant in Mind Brain TMS Institute Safdurgang Enclave , Near AIIMS Delhi.

Best Neurologists / Neurosurgeon in Delhi

Dr. Sweety Trivedi Pandey M.B.B.S MD DM (Neuromedicine)
Dr. Sweety Trivedi Pandey (M.B.B.S MD DM)
Dr. Pranjal Pandey M.B.B.S MS M.ch (Neurosurgeon)
Dr. Pranjal Pandey (M.B.B.S MS M.ch )
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