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Depression Treatment Delhi

Depression Treatment

Are you suffering from chronic-depression, and always up-to antidepressant pills & psychotherapy sessions on regular basis? A report shows that around 50 million plus people are suffering from depression problems across the country.
This word is so common nowadays and mainly used to describe anything related to a bad day to the overwhelming inability to perfectly live your life. However, it is much more than a single word for the individuals who are suffering from depression issues. Over the period of time it takes your life to a point in which you forget how exactly it all began.
People always give advice in terms of sharing individual’s feelings, not taking so much pressure and taking the life as the way it should be, but in reality it is something bigger and taking best therapy for depression becomes much more needful.
Depression can hugely afflict greater number of adolescents, some middle-aged groups as well as to the elderly persons whether they are men or women in India. A large group of people who are facing depression issues are in a need of better, effective treatment and they are unable to get the best treatment for anxiety and depression with proper care due to non-availability to perfect quality of treatment.
Other reasons like non-availability, discrimination, lower level of awareness, prevailing stigma etc. are also troubling the patients.

What exactly a Depression is?

As an individual if you are facing some of the following discussed symptoms then you might be suffering from Depression problems:

brain png

How TMS can be a helpful treatment to perfectly treat your Depression?

Though anti-depressants as well as psychotherapy are the 1st few treatments available at immediate requirements, however the response & remission rates for the antidepressants still remains low and it is around 60% of the depressed population with so called treatment for depression and anxiety.

The Transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS is a kind of therapeutic approach to the best treatment for depression that makes use of magnetic devices in order to stimulate your nerves in the regions of your brain that is ultimately linked with mood swings or regulation. At the time of an average TMS session, any TMS practitioner who is professional & well experienced in this filed uses the electromagnetic coil-device for sending a multiple series of magnetic-pulses towards the patient’s brain for activating circuits that have become super sluggish during your depression. This repeated application of magnetic-pulses activates the circuits to begin functioning normally thus alleviating different symptoms of the depression.

Why is TMS better than Antidepressant medications?


The treatment called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or simply TMS has been already helped thousands of people across the world & now it is giving best possible treatment options to our country. With some trained psychiatrists & psychologists it has now become possible to truly understand the differential requirements of patients with some personalized treatments.

In case you are thinking about why there is a need to treat each & every cell in the body while only the brain is causing the depression? Then, the actual answers lies in terms of differences between the treatments adopted and also how every cell travels through the body to overall affect the brain related activities.

As the antidepressants works by simply flowing through the bloodstream of the patient on the way to brain and this whole journey through the bloodstream truly affects other systems of the body also. As per the medication & individual’s unique physiology, there can be multiple chances of the side effects, in terms of nausea, decreased libido, weight-gain etc.

But on the other hand, TMS treatment for depression totally avoid this concept by targeting some specific area of your brain with some gentle magnetic-pulses that works proficiently to re-activate different parts of the brain that are mainly responsible for the depression.

The TMS treatment for depression near me is highly focused on magnetic energy and doesn’t need any chemical that may enters into the bloodstream and due to this main difference, the TMS therapy for depression is very much helpful in case antidepressants are not working or in other words causing side-effects that are very difficult to avoid.

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