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How to find out if it’s Depression?

Feeling down or sad every once in a while is normal, and most of us go through it from time to time. But if you are constantly unhappy or feel hopeless most of the time, you may be dealing with depression. People often do not notice that they might be depressed because there is too much social stigma or taboo around this mental health issue.

But when it comes to our health, we need treatment for anxiety and depression as soon as we notice something that does not seem right. Read this post to find out if you are depressed or feel sad all the time.

1. Pain in the Body

Most of the time, we think of depression as a mental illness; however, it also has physical effects. Depression is linked to headaches, back pain, tiredness, and neck pain.

Suppose you’ve been feeling these kinds of aches and pains but can’t figure out why depression could be a factor. The best treatment for depression can help you to get rid of them.

2. Not Being Interested

People with depression may pull away from the things they used to enjoy doing or be afraid to try them. For instance, they might stop hanging out with their friends or going to the gym because the things that used to make them happy no longer matter.

3. Issues in Sleep

Depression can also make it hard to sleep. Some depressed people have trouble sleeping at night, while others may find it hard to get out of bed and spend the whole day there.

4. Weight Gain

People who are depressed often overeat and don’t exercise enough. You might not even realize this is happening until you have gained a lot of weight. People will start to use food to get rid of bad feelings because some foods can make the brain release chemicals that make people feel good, even though the foods themselves are really bad for the body.

Even though depression makes most people lose their appetite, it can still make them eat poorly.

5. It’s not Hard to Make You Grumpy

Even though you might not see a link between depression and anger, many people who are depressed also feel more of their other emotions. For example, it will be straightforward for someone to push you too far and make you angry.

You don’t just feel sad or bored; you’re also angry and frustrated. Even over something small, it can be easy to become angry.

6. Irritability

Men and women with this mental disorder usually feel cranky and irritable most of the time. But men with depression are more likely to get angry than women with depression. So, irritability is one of the signs that a man is depressed.

7. You Aren’t Taking Care of Yourself Anymore

Depression and not taking care of yourself are linked. The fact that you stop taking care of yourself is one of the most common signs of depression. You don’t brush your hair or teeth, eat right, only take a shower when you have to, and if you don’t have to, you might not even change your clothes.

When you don’t care about how you look, it’s often a sign that significant problems are going on inside and you need the best treatment for depression.


Some signs of depression in women, men, and children are shown above. If any of these systems are set up for more than a week at a time, you need treatment for anxiety and depression from a professional. If you aren’t in a crisis but want help dealing with your depression, you can contact the doctor and start to feel better.

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