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Important Things Psychiatrists Want You to Know About Depression

You may often feel overwhelmed or sad due to certain life incidents, such as the death of a loved one, theft, argument with someone, or any other reason. However, depression is a chronic feeling of sadness, emptiness, or inability to feel pleasure even during a happy occasion. Hence, depression is quite different from sadness or other emotions that an individual may feel during difficult life events.

If you feel that you have symptoms of depression, you need to get treatment from the best therapist in Delhi. However, a psychiatrist would want you to know certain crucial things before starting the treatment:

1. Feelings of Sadness are Always a Sign of Depression

Just like various health conditions, many people face various difficulties while admitting they have an issue within themselves. Depression is revealed during various situations. Some people feel irritable or start drinking uncontrollably. It is best to consult a therapist to ensure whether you are facing depression or not.

2. Some Underlying Conditions Can Also Lead to Depression

Psychiatrists are well aware of various other mental health issues like anxiety or neurodevelopmental condition, such as ADHD, which may happen with depression. Sometimes these mental health conditions may even lead to depression. At times, other physical health issues like hormonal abnormalities may even lead to depression. Their level of understanding of mental conditions makes psychiatrists’ involvement in diagnosing mental health conditions important.

Sometimes depression occurs in people facing episodes of abnormally elevated mood like bipolar affective disorder. You must let the psychiatrist know whether you are facing any mood elevation and depression, as it may mean certain treatments are more likely to work for you compared to others.

3. Depression Does Not Mean You Have to Take Antidepressants

People often feel anxious about having antidepressants. Advanced Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are useful for most people for managing depression. They can be highly effective, particularly when they treat severe or moderate episodes.

Sadly, people fear that society or people will consider them weak for taking antidepressants. Such anxieties often deter people from taking any help. Some people who take antidepressants find them helpful, whereas certain people need to try distinct medications for finding one that suits them.

Only a psychiatrist can better advise you to take the antidepressants that are safe to use, while these medications do have certain side effects. But only the experts can tell you the safe ways to use such medicines.

Besides, you have to inform your doctor whether you are having any complementary medications or not.

4. There is Not Always Any Specific Reason for Depression

While episodes of depression are related to various life events like the loss of a job, loss of a loved one, etc., this mental condition may even trigger by experiences that are not often associated with identified saddening events. For instance, while the source of stress is not always related to sadness, it may result in the same emotions that one may face for more common saddening experiences.

The major issue is that many people suffer and experience recurring episodes of depression. Their episodes often seem to improve and return without any reason or cause. It may make sufferers feel anxiously dreading a relapse even when they don’t feel depressed. However, the right treatment can alleviate the chances of recurring depression.

5. There are Several Resources Available on Depression

Even when you are unwilling or unable to take any big step after seeing the best psychiatrist in Delhi for depression, you need to research on your own. Various resources on depression are available on the internet, ranging from personal accounts to offering information and finding ways to promote recovery. But you need to understand all the resources first and after consulting a psychiatrist; you can finally decide which one works the best for you.


While there are various reasons for depression and also several advanced treatment options, you need to understand the given facts before beginning the treatment. Make sure to consult a psychiatrist first and then decide what treatment to follow for improvement.

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