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Know Why Mind Brain is the Best Institute to Overcome Depression?

With ongoing life and hectic schedule, people often come with major health issues and among them, one of the most common and serious health hazards is depression it is becoming very important to deal with such a problematic cause as it can affect your health ranging from mild to severe depending on the cause of depression.

Faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, anxiety, and medical problems are the possible causes of depression to a certain extent.

It’s often said that depression results from a chemical imbalance, but that figure of speech doesn’t capture how complex the disease is. There are various chemical reactions that regulate our body and are entirely responsible to make up the dynamic system that serves as in in-charge of your mood, perceptions, and how you experience life.

As, with the level of complexity, you can compare two people having the same symptom of depression, but the problem on the inside, and therefore what treatments will work best, may be entirely different. After several types of research, Mind Brain Institute comes up with the best depression treatment for those who have lost faith in their life.

Basically, Mind Brain deals with patients possessing depression and personality disorder through TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy with the help of their team of best doctors for depression. But, one question can click in everyone’s mind why we should opt for this therapy, so, let us know:

Why and How TMS Therapy is good for depression?

It is a remedial approach that uses magnetic devices to excite nerves in regions of the brain associated with mood regulation. It takes 10 seconds to deliver the pulse, and it just feels like tapping the scalp. During the session, a TMS practitioner sends a series of magnetic pulses to a patient’s brain with the help of an electromagnetic coil device in order to activate circuits that have become lethargic because of depression. And the best part is that, while having a session one can listen to music, watch television, or simply sit back and relax.

However, TMS is also better than Antidepressant medications as it reduces the chance of side effects, such as nausea, weight gain, decreased libido, or others, because in this therapy no chemicals are required that have to enter the bloodstream. This approach basically reactivates the parts of the brain responsible for depression by targeting a particular area of the brain with gentle magnetic pulses.

Treatments offered by Mind Brain by using TMS Therapy:

1. Anxiety Treatment: TMS therapy helps in reducing rumination and excess worry associated with anxiety by breaking Anxiety Circuits in the Brain with the help of magnetic pulses. Although, this approach has been proven highly effective for all forms of Anxiety.

2. Addiction Treatment: TMS targets the brain circuits which control the mood and one which controls cravings that lead to substantial changes in addictive behaviors.

3. OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) Treatment: During the OCD therapy session a small device is placed gently by our experts on your head and mild magnetic pulses are sent into the brain to reduce the discomfort of OCD. It is basically, a mental illness that causes repeated unwanted thoughts or sensations.

4. Smoking Treatment: This approach uses patterns of magnetic pulses to calm the regions of the brain associated with addiction. With frequent sitting, your cravings will reduce and you will be able to ignore cigarettes.

Along with the team of best doctors for depression treatment Mind Brain is all set to help you and is ready to take up all your worries. But still, if you have any doubt whether TMS therapy is good for you or not, then you can freely contact us for a preliminary phone screening, and can get all your tensions resolved.

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