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Psychiatrist or Psychologist: Who is better for Depression?

Are you noticing yourself being sleepless or not eating much lately? Or you don’t have much energy even for the things you enjoyed doing earlier? If so, these could be signs of depression. Such signs often hold you back from interacting with anyone socially or even talking to loved ones. However, you need to consider consulting a medical professional to help you overcome depression.

Are you wondering whether you must consult a psychologist or psychiatrist? In this article, we’ll help you understand which specific medical professional is suitable for curing your condition.

What is a Psychologist? What do they do?

Psychologists are the counselors for your mental health. They specialize in helping people control their emotions, thoughts, and behavioural patterns after diagnosing their depression. They may even aid patients to develop better coping skills for dealing with depression symptoms.

Although psychologists won’t hold an expert doctorate, they spend many years completing an internship after completing their initial college education. They even help patients with mental health problems to manage their symptoms with behavioral and talk therapies.

What is a Psychiatrist? What do they do?

Psychiatrists hold doctorate degrees to diagnose and treat patients with mental health issues, such as depression. They often work in several healthcare facilities like hospitals, prisons, private practices, and universities, as well as inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities.

Typically, a psychiatrist’s education costs more than a psychologist’s. For, psychiatrists start their medical career after completing their medical school and internship. After spending four years of professional education, they choose a particular area for specialization.

As medical professionals, they have the authority to prescribe medication and therapies for patients’ medicinal treatment. It means these medical specialists provide medications for keeping symptoms of mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, under control.

Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist for Curing Depression

Both psychologists and psychiatrists depend on psychotherapy, such as discussing the issue with patients about specific issues, for diagnosing mental health problems. However, their approach to treatment differs. Psychiatrists follow a more medical approach that concentrates on biological aspects of mental disorders and uses medication for treating symptoms.

Psychiatrists even consider the complete medical history of a patient for ruling out their physical and mental health issues, such as thyroid conditions with signs similar to depression.

On the other hand, psychologists concentrate on behaviour and thought, as well as try to track patterns in their patient’s life that can lead to their symptoms.

Psychologist or Psychiatrist: Who to See for Treating Depression?

The medical healthcare professional you should see for depression depends on various factors, such as the severity of your condition or preferences for your depression treatment. For major depression symptoms, a psychiatrist can rule out their medical conditions and also prescribe medicines as per the individual’s specific needs.

But if you are dealing with hard times and you want to improve your behaviour and thoughts, a psychologist can help you deal with the issues on daily basis. In this case, medication may not be necessary.

However, in certain cases, you need to see both a psychologist and a psychiatrist. The psychologist can offer them regular therapy sessions, whereas a psychiatrist may manage your medication. No matter what specialist you pick for your condition, it’s vital to ensure they have a good experience.

They should also follow a treatment approach that makes you feel comfortable talking with them. If you do not gel with your psychiatrist or psychologist, it is quite acceptable to go with someone else unless you find the one who you can connect with.


Whether you want to see a psychologist or psychiatrist, you need to find the best specialists near you. Your selected depression doctor in Delhi must follow a holistic approach to forming tailored treatment plans and diagnosing depression for every individual.

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