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Things to Consider When Choose a Therapist

Are you considering therapy lately? Whether it is to recover from past trauma, restore your relationship(s), improve mental health, or adjust to a new life phase, it’s vital to find the right therapist. Experts say that your growth depends on the bond you share with your therapist. So, the right one is of utmost importance.

Here are some notable ways to help you find the best therapist in Delhi to reach all your therapeutic goals:

1. Use a Trusted Online Database

Many mental health organizations often keep their websites updated. So, you need to search for the trusted online database of various licensed therapists. You can start your search by typing your ZIP code for generating counsellors’ lists within your area. Furthermore, you can also search for specialists, such as family counsellors and marriage counsellors, or therapists who may concentrate on alcohol and drug use.

2. Ask for References

You can ask your colleague, friend, or doctor for a referral to a reliable therapist who may be a great fit for dealing with your situation. Although a referral is a great place to begin, it’s vital to identify that you have distinct goals and needs. After all, a specific therapist who’s working with your friend may not be ideal for you. So, consider all those requirements and goals before beginning therapy.

3. Certifications, Licensing & Education

There are various types of mental health therapists with distinct levels of licensing, educational qualifications, and certifications. The right professional credentials often ensure that a therapist has completed their specialized training for helping everyone with mental health issues. It often communicates a deep level of understanding, as well as competence for helping people while avoiding any problems.

The credentials used with their name often tell about their education, licensing, and certification status. So, it’s vital to ask about their credential whenever you contact professional therapists.

4. Speciality

While many therapists have various clients for several reasons, most professionals specialize in certain areas. For instance, some concentrate on anxiety, depression, or other challenges. Some mental health providers also help people of certain age groups.

Furthermore, various approaches to therapy are present. Those approaches often concentrate on certain problem areas like emotions, thoughts, or behaviour.

Some common therapy types include:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): This therapy often focuses on behaviours and attitudes toward various value-driven goals. 

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT): This therapy focuses on teaching people to change their negative and unhelpful thoughts while moving toward a positive direction.

Person-centered Therapy: Also called client-centered therapy, person-centered therapy teaches individuals to learn certain skills. In this therapy, the therapist engages clients in various discussions to discover ways to move forward.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT): This therapy is useful for handling distress and emotions and also includes skills training for effective problem-solving actions.

– Exposure Therapy: It would help people to reduce phobias and anxiety while encouraging them to lead a happy life.

Each therapeutic approach has its benefits in its unique ways. But what’s crucial is that a specific therapist’s approach is goal-directed and evidence-based while being flexible and open to one’s individual experiences and requirements.

5. Online vs. In-Person

Today, many counsellors and therapists provide online therapy where a client and therapist interact via video chat. Video therapy can often make a session schedule convenient due to ease and privacy. However, in-person therapy is equally effective. You can choose any as per your needs, comfort, and conditions.


Finding a therapist is one’s personal decision that often involves choosing a mental health professional. It helps you overcome distinct obstacles while working toward your specific goals. It also needs proper research and some consultations. However, the right fit often exists. Do keep the given factors in mind to find the best therapist.

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