Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treatment?

TMS is a non-invasive treatment for Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD and other mental health disorders. It is recommended for patients who want a non-medicinal treatment and does not have side effects.

TMS delivers magnetic pulses to the specific region of your brain responsible for mood regulation. The strength of these pulses is similar to those used in MRI scans and are delivered in 10-second intervals. They produce a gentle tapping sensation on the scalp, without any physical contact with the skin.

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    To ensure suitability and address any concerns, we conduct a preliminary phone screening before beginning your TMS therapy. This initial conversation allows us to gather basic information and answer your questions.Following the phone screening, a pre-treatment evaluation is scheduled. During this thorough consultation, we delve deeper into your symptoms and medical history. It’s an opportunity for you to learn more about TMS therapy and determine if it’s the best fit for your needs.

    The first step towards a successful TMS treatment is brain mapping. During this session, our technician uses the TMS device to stimulate your brain and record its response, identifying the optimal point for stimulation.
    Throughout the session, you will be asked to complete a weekly evaluation to monitor the progress so far. If needed, our technicians may perform a re-mapping at any point during the session to enhance its effectiveness.

    A typical TMS treatment course spans 5 to 30 days, depending on the symptoms and diagnosis. You may have multiple TMS sessions in a single day, depending on your symptoms and diagnosis. During the session, you can relax, watch TV, or listen to music.

    After each session, you will be able to resume your usual activities almost immediately, including driving, going back to work, and engaging in activities like reading and writing.
    As you progress through the treatment, you can expect a range of positive transformations, like increased energy levels, enhanced motivation, and an improved sleep cycle.
    These improvements contribute to an overall sense of well-being and an improved quality of life.
    Though the symptoms are a major factor in the duration of the treatment, you would experience a significant improvement in your mood right from the first day.


    Benefits of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at MindBrain Institute

    Patient-Centric Treatment

    We understand the importance of providing non-invasive and safe treatment options. Our treatments are designed to minimize side effects and utilize magnetic pulses to stimulate specific brain regions, all without the need for surgery or anesthesia.

    Personalized and Targeted:

    We offer a customized approach that specifically targets areas associated with mood regulation. By doing so, we restore balance and alleviate symptoms, tailored to meet your unique needs.

    Efficacy and Evidence-Based:

    Our treatments are backed by scientific research, ensuring their efficacy in addressing various mental health conditions. We pride ourselves on providing evidence-based results that you can trust.

    Alternative to Medication:

    For those seeking an alternative to medication, we offer an effective non-drug treatment. These treatments are beneficial for individuals concerned about medication side effects, providing a safe and viable alternative for your mental health needs.

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